a|mong [ ə`mʌŋ ] preposition ***
1. ) included in a larger group
a ) used for saying that someone or something is included in a particular group of people or things:
His family connections helped ensure his position among the elite.
from among (=from a group of): Two representatives were chosen from among the 13 candidates.
b ) used when you are mentioning a particular person or thing in relation to the rest of the group they belong to:
Robert was the only one among them who had ever ridden a horse.
Most important among the country's problems is the lack of health facilities.
c ) among other things used when you are mentioning one or more things out of a larger number:
They discussed, among other things, the future of the oil industry.
Among other things, Larsen was accused of attempting to bribe court officials.
2. ) happening or existing within a group
a ) used for saying what happens within a particular group of people:
The suicide rate among young male prisoners is high.
We want to encourage greater cooperation among the different departments.
b ) used for saying that many people in a group have a particular opinion or feeling:
News of the invasion spread panic among the citizens.
The general opinion among teachers is that small class sizes are important.
c ) among yourselves/ourselves/themselves with each other:
Republicans were arguing among themselves about minor policy issues.
If you can't agree among yourselves what you want, I can't advise you.
3. ) shared between people or things used for stating which people receive parts of something when it is divided up:
share/divide/distribute something among: The money has to be divided among several projects.
4. ) in the middle of other people or things
a ) in a place surrounded by people or things:
Robin's house was hidden among the trees.
Warner was standing among a crowd of admirers.
b ) moving through a place where there are people or things around you:
It was pleasant strolling among the olive trees.
c ) searching through things:
I found Michelle rummaging among the papers in my drawer.
5. ) with people with a group of people of a particular type:
I was never happier than when I was among these familiar faces.
among friends: Oh come on, Arthur, you can speak freely you're among friends.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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